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midnight and dad

Maple Lane Farm is a working, small diversified farm. We have two Percheron - Belgian cross draft horses that were born on the farm. We love crosses as they are very clever and usually very friendly.

At various times we have had Belted Galloway cows originally from Scotland. They are woolly and have their characteristic wide, white belts across their midsection. We have also had Romney - Island cross sheep that were raised for wool and lambs. We harvest about a third of the hay that we need each year from our own hay fields. We manage about 15 acres in rotating paddocks and hay fields such that we can graze the livestock on pastures between May and November.

We do not shoe our horses but rather have their hoofs trimmed about twice a year. The natural hoof seems to wear well during the year on natural ground and the "bite" of the hoof provides good traction and gripping during icy winter weather conditions.

Sindy our Chinook

This is a photo of our Chinook Sindarin. Sindy thinks she is in charge of everything. She is a medium working breed who loves pulling. Chinooks are a rare dog breed and the State dog of New Hampshire where they originated.

Phoebe one of our barn cats.

You may not get a chance to see Phoebe. She usually prefers quiet moments when there isn't too much commotion. Phoebe is our barn cat and she has a lot of Maine Coon cat in her.

Storm our Siamese.

Storm is an inside cat and she is a Siamese......and she talks a lot......and she is a princess........and the rest of us were put on this Earth to give her great amounts of attention. But even after all that...she is a very sweet cat. And she adds a great deal of personality to the farm house.

Tipsy our Tabby.

Tipsy is also an inside cat and he is a Tabby. He is very friendly, playful and inquisitive. He is also a very sweet cat who is fun to be around.

Malina a Black Percheron cross

Malina is the black Belgian - Percheron cross on the right. She is a two year old and she is already the matriarch of the farm like her father. She is exceptionally bright, very curious and follows everything (and I mean everything) that happens anywhere on our farm.

Laure and her big sister Malina.

Laure is Malina's full sister and is a yearling. She is the chestnut Belgian - Percheron cross on the left. Malina and Laure are inseparable but Laure is more easy going because she has her big sister to worry about everything. Both of the girls were born at Maple Lane Farm.

Aracauna hen
The Hens

Aracauna chickens come in many colors but all hens lay either blue - green or pink eggs.

Aracauna chicks

The only problem with Aracauna chicks is that they end up growing up to be Aracauna hens and roosters who are not nearly as fuzzy or as cute. Each year we try to "imprint" at least one chick so she will follow us around wherever we go. Imprinting chicks is wicked fun for kids.

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