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Photo Gallery - Wildlife

Wild turkeys in the pasture

Wildlife are still abundant in this area of Maine although more and more open land is being developed for housing and other structures. It is much more difficult to make a living off the land although "niche" farming and specialty agricultural products can still be profitable. We still get many wild visitors to the farm and have spotted the following animals on the farm at one time or another: flying squirrels, bats, deer, snapping turtles, woodchucks, porcupines, milk snakes, moles, voles, hawks, eagles and coyotes. We are pretty sure a moose once walked though our fence line as the tracks were way too large to be a deer. We can hear loons from nearby ponds and we have seen and heard many species of owls once the evening settles in. Every year we wait for the peepers (tree frogs) to come out heralding the beginning of spring. We can always find an assortment of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders as well when we set out to look for them. There is always an abundance of migratory birds during the good weather with crows, ravens, bluejays and chickadees always present in the winter.

A racoon named Joslyn

Joslyn is a rehabilitated, orphan raccoon who was reintroduced back into the wild in the fall.

A skunk named violet

Violet is also an orphan who was released back into the wild after getting her when she was just four weeks old.

An eastern mole
An Eastern Mole.
Turkeys in the dooryard
Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys were reintroduced into central Maine in the 80s and have done very well. Large groups of wild turkeys can now be spotted routinely in Kennebec county.
A big fat toad
Common Toad

There are many amphibians present if you know where to look.
A Mystery creature
Mystery wildlife

What is the mystery creature outside of our living room window?

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